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We are a team consisting of experienced Captains, Engineers, Technicians, Brokers and Surveyors. Together we have more than 50 years’ experience with ships sale, maintenance planning and project analyses. With authorized and professional partners around the world finding the best solutions in regards to all ship owners and manager’s needs, our services is not only locally limited, but based on several years of cooperation with our shipping services partners globally.


To provide the best services in shipping, you need to follow up the need of ships 24/7 around the world. It is important to have partners who can follow up where ever the ship are at any time, and with services you thrust. Our team partners around the globe, known from years of cooperation, is very important to such maritime services where every day and hour counts



Providing ship sell and purchasing surveys, we follow up, if needed, with necessary possible repair and documentation. This may be with providing all types of technical repairs, crewing, crew safety certificates, ship management, ships ISM documentation, class surveys assistance, US Public health requirement assistance, ships docking and docking budgets and more.


As complete provider of shipping solutions, our services is based on many years practical experience onboard ships of all categories, knowing generally all equipment on board the ship from bridge to engine room from working with same, as senior management for many years. This in addition to our experience with shore side requirements in US and other countries regulations when it comes to documentation for public health issues and port controls extended new MLC requirements for detention of ships, is essential to ship owner or manager when providing such services.

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